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storytimevilly's Journal

Storytime Village
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Storytime Village is a quasi-magical place. A wonderful place of snails and adventure. The residents have been known to exercise their imaginations with flights of whimsy. It is a land of many different perspectives and oodles of posted pictures.

what people are saying about STORYTIME VILLAGE

I love you. You are what makes my life worth living. We must expand the flock until we are all one giant Storytime Nation. And a special thanks to linus, because you're the only who I know for sure is living here. Beauteous day! -The Flippinator

i think i'm ready to settle and create my own little home here. before, i was a nomad, a derelict .. with only a blanket to call my own. now.. i'm so much more. so much more. kleenex someone?

technicolor gigilo's breed with sweet-sugar-plum-parachutists to produce little lemon drop belly dancers with koolaid colored hair.

Sure you can CREATE a clone of Jimmy Fallon, but can you DEFEND ONE AGAINST AN ANGRY HOARD!!!!